Monarch Pines

Monarch Pines is a senior living home park located at Lovers Point in Pacific Grove - one of the most beautiful geographic locations in the world.

Monarch Pines senior living in Pacific Grove is within short walking distance to the Monterey Bay Coastal Trail, Monterey Bay Aquarium, shopping, world class restaurants, museums, the Post Office, the library, and much more. We are also adjacent to the Pacific Grove Municipal Golf Course, Meals on Wheels and the Sally Griffin Senior Center.


Originally the location of a rail line to Pebble Beach, Monarch Pines was established in 1962, when the original owner rented spaces to residents.

The residents purchased the property and formed the Homeowners Association. In 1989, the residents formed the Monarch Pines Homeowners Association, a California Non-profit, Mutual Benefit Corporation, which has governed the park since then. The property consists of 10.6 acres of land, with spaces for 103 manufactured homes and common areas. Homeowners have use of the clubhouse, which contains a meeting room, kitchen, game room, ocean view room, and a manager’s office. For a fee, members may reserve the clubhouse for family gatherings and social events.


One homeowner must be at least 55 years of age. If more than one person occupies the home, the other person must be at least 50 years of age.

The Bylaws prohibit rentals. At least one person occupying the home must be the owner. Residents may be full or part-time. Pets are allowed. A live-in caregiver is allowed, including a family member, who may be under 50 years of age. Medical and caregiving arrangements are the residents’ responsibility. 911 should be called for emergencies.


Common Interest Development – Stock Cooperative: Monarch Pines Homeowners Association, Inc., is a Stock Cooperative governed by an elected Board of Directors, with each Resident/Member owning one share of voting stock. Under a Stock Cooperative, the Association owns all of the real property in the Park, and each Member owns his/her own coach.

To help promote the safety, security and financial interests of the Association and its Members, the Board requires credit, Department of Motor Vehicles, and background checks (including information on whether the applicant has been convicted of a crime) before being allowed to purchase a share. This approval must take place prior to close of escrow or the transfer of any ownership interest. This requirement has been imposed with the following objectives:

Although it cannot guarantee the safety and security of all of Members, the Board wants to take reasonable care in providing a safe environment for its Residents.

The Board wants to take reasonable care to confirm the likelihood that an applicant will have the ability to pay, in a timely manner, all assessments and property taxes owed. This is important because unpaid assessments and property taxes will result in an increased financial burden on all other Members.

The Board is required to make sure that all applicants comply with regulations associated with senior housing restrictions.

This policy is NOT intended to establish selection criteria concerning an applicant’s general character. Rather, the intent of this policy is to prevent harm (physical or financial) to other Members. The Board reserves the right to exclude, under appropriate circumstances, an applicant who poses a threat to the safety, security and financial interests of the Association and its Members. The Board would like to emphasize that it is sensitive to privacy concerns of applicants. Information obtained from through the application process will be treated as strictly confidential.


1 – Shoreline receives demand request from: buyer, buyer’s agent, seller’s agent, or title.

2 – Shoreline sends back to that contact person: the seller’s authorization form, buyer’s applications, request for 3 personal references; the buyer(s) must complete and return all along with their payments for the first half of the transfer fee ($200) and application fees ($75 each).

3 – Once #2 is received by Shoreline, Shoreline runs the background & credit check. Upon good results, Shoreline sends out to the Seller & Buyer, the “Signature Package” & Association Documents which includes:

  • Signature Package Includes:
    – Utility Cost Responsibility (buyer & seller)
    – Notice to Purchaser of Mobile Home Unit (buyer & seller)
    – Notice to Purchaser Regarding Property Taxes (buyer)
    – Loan Disclosure (buyer)
    – Membership Certificate Name(s) Request Form (must match HCD Title & Registration) (buyer)
    – MPHA Resident Consent Form for Email (buyer)
    – MPHA Directory Form (buyer)
    – MPHA Owner Contact & Emergency Information (buyer)
  • Additional Association Documents Provided/Requirements:
    – Surrender Original Share Certificate or Sign Affidavit Stating Unable to Locate (seller)
    – Articles of Incorporation
    – Bylaws
    – Rules & Regulations
    – Occupancy Agreement/Lease
    – Board Meeting Minutes
    – Current Special/Emergency Assessment Information (if applicable)
    – Monterey County Change of Ownership
    – Homeowner Insurance Info ($500K min liability, match HCD Title, MPHA must receive before
    no later than board orientation)
    – Current Reserve Study
    – Financial Review & Information
    – Current Budget
    – Community Guidelines
    – Clubhouse Policy
    – Residency Law Handbook
    – Megan’s Law Handbook
    – Concrete Drainage Gutter Information (If Applicable, only Pertains to 31 Units)

4 – After Shoreline receives all required signed documents back from both the Seller & Buyer and verifies
the information, Shoreline sends their Recommendation Letter to MPHA along with the appropriate

5 – MPHA immediately sets up the Executive Board Meeting (this may or may not include the buyer).
MPHA sends the Board’s decision form back to Shoreline

6 – If Buyer is approved by the Board, Shoreline notifies the buyer/agent and completes the process to close of escrow. If buyer is denied, Shoreline will notify the buyer/agent along with any additional
stipulations or information

7 – Immediately after escrow closes (including payment of the second half of the transfer fee to Shoreline ($200), Shoreline will send to MPHA Originals of signed Occupancy Agreement/Lease, completed & signed Monterey County Change of Ownership form and Share Certificate or Affidavit. These documents must be received by MPHA in order to schedule the In-Park Orientation. Buyers cannot occupy their unit until they have provided their insurance declaration page showing $500K min liability to MPHA, whether
through escrow or at the MPHA office.

8– The In-Park Orientation is scheduled between the buyer and board representative within 30 days from the close of escrow. At this Orientation, MPHA will provide to the buyer: Clubhouse Key, Safety Booklet,
Resident Directory, GreenWaste Booklet; Competed Share Certificate will be presented upon receipt of the
buyer’s HCD Registration & Title Certificates